I have a complaint

Good day,

I have a complaint. I put 12 medium credits into one project, for 12 months. (9600hits / day). But after a month, everything expired.
And I lost 11 medium credits.

And to be sure, they deducted another payment for six months when the buy 1 get 2 event was OMG!

Michal, I cannot find any 12x Medium project in your account.
And as I see, you have 10 Medium Credits in your account now.

Please elaborate on the problem.

First of all, I bought 6 + 6 medium credits. I assigned all 12 to one project.
(12 bought, 12 applied)

Then I bought 6 medium credits and assigned one credit to the new project.
(6 purchased, 1 applied)

Meanwhile, after a month, the first project with 12 credits expired and 6 new credits were automatically bought. And at the time when the promo was 1 + 1
So I had to do a new project with one credit.
(6 bought automatically, 1 applied)

Again, there’s no 12x project in your account.

Please contact our customer support with your project id.