Just be aware of a few things before using this service

If you pay for guaranteed traffic that the system will automatically limit it to 1% of what you paid for it unless you go into EDIT on the project and basic settings, then remove the daily limit and make it 100%. This is not made clear when you pay for it. also if you pay by paypal you will automatically be subscribing to paying for the campaign every month and will get debited the funds. So be aware to cancel subscriptions (which should be off by default) and go into paypal and make sure you also cancel the subscription payments.

None of this is made very clear and seems almost like a breach of a contract. I was asking for compensation today as several of my 1,000,000 campaigns were limited to 1% (they don’t run over a month to give you the 1 million views, they just cancel the campaign after a month regardless of how many hits you have received) and was then ignored on chat and have had no reply.

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It is not a “limit”, it is a default setting.

We had many complaints from users when the default traffic speed was 100% because it creates immediate increment of traffic(you can get up to 1000 new users in just an hour) and many webmasters do not want such sudden jump from 0 to 1000.

You can change the traffic speed any time you want, even right after creating the project.
It is a very normal practice to check all the default settings.

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its a default setting which is not explained. and there is a 30 day limit on everything - so if you dont change the default forced setting, you get 1% of what you paid for. This is what happened to me, and it appears by the chat and responses that you don’t really care about your customers.

It starts immediately at 1% and there is no information to tell you that if you start the campaign it will end in 30 days with 1% of what you paid for. At no time when setting up the campaign was any of this explained.

Remember, these 1,000,000 impressions will be voided after 30 days - the campaign doesnt run to fulfill those 1,000,000 impressions it forcibly ends in 30 days regardless of how many impressions it has delivered.

A more accurate way of selling these would be to say ‘30 day campaign with a maximum of 1,000,000’.

I tried to speak with ‘Andrew’ about getting compensation but he left during the conversation. I have spent thousands of dollars with sparktraffic so I am surprised with the very poor service. Its almost as if you dont want customers to spend money with you.

opting people into monthly fees automatically without consent is also a bit of a sneaky tactic to take. some of this seems in violation of GDRP

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Your total purchase volume in your account is below 1k$ and you can see the traffic volume just 20-30 minutes after starting a project.
You could have just opened Google Analytics and contacted our customer support in 30 minutes after starting the project and not in several weeks.

We did offer you a compensation but instead of telling us what is that you actually want you continued writing those long texts what we see here.

“opting people into monthly fees automatically” - on every payment page you see the text that the purchase is an automatic monthly subscription.

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as I explained in the chat - I have been getting chemotherapy for cancer. I have been unable to check until this point. my texts were to explain the problem as you kept saying you didn’t understand. I am glad you now do understand.

I am still waiting to get the compensation you offered - the chat appeared to end at this point and when I reopened the chat you were unavailable. I had no option but to post on the forum.

If you can add several free campaigns to my account then I would assume that is in someway reasonable compensation for the lack of impressions I achieved.

First of all there wasn’t any “lack of impressions”, we have delivered the traffic according to your settings.
Second we will not discuss any particular compensation on any public forum.

From our part everything was delivered correctly as you have in your project’s settings, the Traffic Speed parameter is the first parameter you see when you open a project, if you for any of your personal reasons believe that anything was not done correctly from our side you can send us to support@sparktraffic.com your personal version of what exactly do you want us to compensate you, we will review it with all according thoroughness.

If you really want us to give you a proper compensation I would suggest you stop writing long negative reviews publicly about us and try to settle it by email first.

you can delete my post if you wish, I am unable to do so.

what are the best parameters to put in basic settings

If you want the maximum traffic then set Traffic Speed to 100% and Bounce and Return Rates to 0%