Review of SparkTraffic by Ox64

This is an honest review and opinion of Spark Traffic and the service they offer. I have been receiving email offers from Spark Traffic for at least a year or two, if not more now. While most of the time I would normally delete and block spam mail, for some reason I left this one be, because I noticed they were always offering good deals.

Let me start off first by saying I have tried similar services for social media that give you likes, follows, views, etc. I had a very bad experience with those services and they seem to hurt my visibility. Many Vlogs and YouTube experts will tell you these type of sites buying traffic are BAD for your trying to build a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore I was very skeptical about doing something similar to my website.

I finally decided to take the plunge last month and try Spark Traffic out. I tried the Demo with great success in proving what Spark Traffic can do.

I’m happy to report that a month later after using the Guaranteed Traffic Medium Economy package, I am seeing substantially improved search engine results of my website showing up in google, and many times placing in the top result based on my search query. This makes me very happy! When I view google analytics I see the guaranteed traffic coming through as Spark Traffic promises. I’ve seen other posts where people claim the traffic was not showing up in Google Analytics. It’s important to understand Google Analytics and be sure you have followed all instructions to ensure it picks up. It definitely works!

While I have mostly positive to say about Spark Traffic, there is one negative. The increased traffic I am receiving from Spark Traffic does NOT show an increase on my Joomla backend, nor my Cloudflare CDN stats as I do use Cloudflare as a CDN for my site. It leaves me very skeptical that the service that brings traffic to your site actually loads your page at all. It feels like it only loads the google analytics script and nothing else? This may not be true, but I don’t understand why I cannot see hits anywhere BUT Google Analytics. This hurts me in the end because I cannot give concrete data to clients to show that I have a large visitor count from a Cloudflare or other trusted report. Despite this shortcoming, I will continue to use Spark Traffic’s services to improve my site visibility on the internet for the time being in hopes having higher-ranking results will result in more organic traffic that DOES show up on CloudFlare, etc (even though I haven’t seen any actual increases yet).