URL targeting question

Hi, my website has new topics every day and will generate new URLs every day.

How do I write a URL wildcard in the “URL targeting” settings so that the bots will read the new URLs?

For example, can I set a URL as follows: example.com/example/*

The * will have new topics and URLs every day so how do I get the bots to automatically read the new URLs?

If you want traffic to come just to the new URLs then we would recommend using an RSS feed in this case.
If you need the traffic to come to all the pages, then it is better to use Sitemap URL.

Hi, I have placed the site map url on the url targeting field.

However the traffic still isn’t arriving when I check Google Analytics.

How can I check what went wrong?

You need to put the sitemap URL in the Sitemap URL field.
We will fetch your website’s pages automatically from the Sitemap and put them in the URLs fields.

Hi, yes I have done that, if it is possible that you check my account to verify.

I have 50,000 URLs in the sitemap that are updated daily, but the traffic just isn’t going to those. The traffic is instead going to my first, second, and the simulated third, fourth and fifth URLs.

Please contact our customer support.
We need to know your account and project ids.